Xplore Tablets for EMS Workers

Xplore Tablets for EMS

Whether it’s an emergency response call or a routine ambulance transport, emergency services (EMS/EMT) personnel require a rugged mobile EMS tablet that can securely document, transmit, and maintain Electronic health records (EHR) data from the minute they arrive on the scene, during the ambulance transport, through hospital transfer and patient discharge, and back to on-call and connected with Emergency Medical Services dispatch.

Xplore rugged tablets support quick retrieval and updating of EHRs and constant communication between EMS/EMT incident response teams and remote healthcare advisors. Xplore rugged tablets are also built to withstand the challenges EMS workers face every day, such as bumps, bruises, and disinfectants, and they are built to work in the various environmental conditions encountered by emergency response workers, like rain, bright sunshine, dust, or snow.

Xplore rugged tablets help emergency medical service agencies:

  • — Get EMS crews on-site faster with streamlined dispatch channels and built-in GPS routing
  • — Maintain critical EHR data in any weather condition
  • — Run multiple applications at once
  • — Conveniently enter data using touchscreen, stylus, keyboard, barcode, or camera
  • — Eliminate costs previously associated with inaccurate or lost paperwork
  • — Provide data capture for real time billing
  • — Notify receiving medical centers of patient and transport status

 Xplore’s featured rugged tablets for EMS include:

  1. Motion C5m
    Motion C5m
    Special Price $2,294.10 Regular Price $2,549.00

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