Xplore Rugged Tablets for Telecommunications

Xplore TelcoXplore’s rugged tablet solutions for telecommunications (telco) workers give ISPs, cable operators, wireless carriers, and satellite providers a durable mobile computing platform optimized for the unique challenges and specific communications requirements of the global telecommunications industry. Xplore rugged tablets are certified for 4G LTE mobile broadband usage around the world, and provide the long-term, dependable rugged computing platform that telecom providers require during maintenance of existing facilities, testing/optimization of the network, new site construction, and other critical telecommunications business operations.

Xplore's "all ports, all the time" standard offers every Telco customer up to eight built-in I/O connections on their Xplore tablet, including specialized diagnostic aids such as built-in RJ-45, True Serial Cable, and HDMI input. Xplore's vast line-up of Android and Windows rugged tablets also features built-in GPS mapping technology for locating buried cables and other facilities, point-of-sale billing functionality, and simple data capture for any job via touch screen and active digital pens.

When real-time situational analysis is crucial for quick dispatch, on-site diagnostics, and service restoration during outages, Xplore’s highly secure rugged tablets leverage built-in 4G LTE mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies to provide seamless visibility into work orders, infrastructure blueprints, line integrity, network traffic, and customer support requests. Xplore’s rugged mobile tablet technology makes it simple to support critical workflows.

Xplore’s featured rugged tablets for telecommunications workers include:

  1. Xplore Bobcat Industrial Tablet PC
    Xplore Bobcat Industrial Tablet PC
    Special Price $2,399.00 Regular Price $2,499.00
  2. Xplore XSLATE B10
    Xplore XSLATE B10
    Special Price $2,735.00 Regular Price $2,849.00
  3. Motion F5m
    Motion F5m
    Special Price $2,450.00 Regular Price $2,549.00
  4. Xplore XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet
    Xplore XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet
    Special Price $2,540.00 Regular Price $2,649.00

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