Xplore Rugged Tablets for Natural Resource Workers

Xplore Natural ResourcesIn both mines and oilfields, the risk of damage from drops and grime are heightened when using a mobile computer. While very few desktop, laptop, and mobile computing devices are prepared to withstand common environmental threats, even fewer can tolerate the distinctively hostile field conditions of the Natural Resources sectors – including the possibility of chemical and spark exposures common to Hazardous Locations. Xplore’s ATEX and C1D2/C1Z2 compliant ruggedized tablets are among the few that can.

Whether used for Natural Resources management on land or at sea, Xplore’s rugged tablets prioritize employee safety and data security. These rugged mobile computing solutions are built tough and explicitly tested to avert devastating mobile device failures and keep real-time data moving to and from the Natural Resources job site. Xplore’s HazLoc-certified tablet computers boast powerful performance specifications, best-in-class outdoor-viewable displays, and damage-proof designs to keep mobile workers connected, communicating, and protected from dangerous data errors and environmental risks the whole time they are on the job.

Xplore’s featured tablets for natural resource workers include:

  1. Xplore XSLATE B10
    Xplore XSLATE B10
    Special Price $2,735.00 Regular Price $2,849.00
  2. Motion F5m
    Motion F5m
    Special Price $2,450.00 Regular Price $2,549.00
  3. Xplore XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet
    Xplore XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet
    Special Price $2,540.00 Regular Price $2,649.00

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